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Let’s inspire people to work with more passion, work with more ideas, and lead with creativity.

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Our Thinking or why we do it?

The hardest thing for an organisation is to change its thinking. To change the way people think, you need forces that give them the permission to make those changes. According to us the three key forces of change that are powerfully shaping businesses and governments way of thinking are leadership, innovation and adaptability/flexibility.

 At Wise Cluster we’re not just thinking about these drivers, as a start-up we live them and we’re turning them into innovation management solutions for our clients.

Almost all companies have rules in place to drive leadership and innovation. But very few of them have the adaptability/flexibility and creativity of a start-up. That’s why we think that driving breakthrough innovation often requires strategic partnerships with companies like us.

In addition to our way of thinking, we continually follow the brightest and inspirational minds across industries and around the world to adapt our understanding of the world.

 The world evolves, with or without you. At Wise Cluster we help you to stay ahead by understanding where the world is going and why . . . and what that means for you. The only constant in our approach is that innovation must foster cross function and business units collaboration, without bureaucracy or politics.

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What causes seeds to flourish is something we can’t see. The most important things in innovation- our mindsets, our culture – are also invisible. The good news, however, is that mindsets can be changed and culture is free.

 The third eye, perception beyond ordinary sight.

Public and private sectors are full of pervasive and embedded beliefs about how to work. Too often, what might be best for the sector is overlooked to manage familiar behaviours. Such habits provide great opportunities for rulebreakers to come with innovation breakthroughs and serve in a new and better ways. Our wisdom argues that disruptive innovation tends to come from outsiders not influenced by what went before. That’s why we believe that perception beyond ordinary sight or a fresh eye like ours can certainly help your organisation when it comes to identifying an opportunity that has been repeatedly unnoticed by others.

At Wise Cluster we have this “innovation third eye” to identify, and then systematically challenge, pervasive and embedded beliefs.[hr]

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We define an innovation “third eye” as an ability to observe, perceive, experiment, organize and build ideas to innovate repeatedly over time.

How we do it?

Almost every organisation have some kind of R & D, product development, business model strategy or marketing responsible. But effective innovation doesn’t fit neatly within a classical organizational structure. It depends on the environment, the objectives and on multidisciplinary resources that include everyone from business analyst, to engineers, to designers, to marketers, to finance, to IT experts, to mechanics… but also to clients, suppliers and many other stakeholders.


Our approach:

We propose an innovation approach that rewards observation, experimentation and iteration. We give teams the time and the space to explore in a nonlinear path.

1. First step – Get your own self together: Assessment and Objectives

With our innovation benchmarking tool we first asses the organisation as a whole. We then focus the energy on a specific innovation tactic. Those are small, clear integrated programs or events. It’s not possible to change an organisation as a whole; you need to break down big ideas into little steps.[divider]

2. Second step – Crowdsourcing: Invite wise people with insight and influence

Building breakthrough innovation needs clear and organized processes. We need to set objectives, the criteria for success, a vision, a plan, finds the resources, motivate people and create the right working climate. We need everyone to speak with honesty and without fear. We regroup multidisciplinary people with a variety of expertise, competencies and skills. We ensure that these people represent different stakeholders and interests in your organisation ecosystem.[divider]

3. Third step – Gamification: Make it fun and give people tools to Observe and Experiment

Together we immerse ourselves into your customer environment and observe it carefully. We see their world as you’ve never seen it before and observe what they do without judging them. Then we experiment to identify opportunities, to develop insights and turn those insights into concepts. We make, build and test models. Your people are encouraged to come up with new ways to solve old problems, looking to see what works and what doesn’t. Together we learn from the failures and start all over again, trying to find the right solution.

We believe it’s important being aware of what you do and how you do to master innovation as a discipline.[divider]