Business Model Innovation

Wise Cluster Business Model Innovation Canvas

Rethink the way you generate business models

Business Model Innovation workshop is a practical and inspiring workshop for anyone striving to improve a business model or craft a new one. It will teach you powerful and practical innovation techniques used today by leading companies worldwide. You will learn from the best practices of other companies; and understand how to design and implement a new business model – or analyze and renovate an old one. The this business model is based on the pioneer work of Alexander Osterwalder’s Business Model Canvas, of Victor W.Hwang Rainforest Canvas, of Ideo Canvas and the Lean Canvas.

The starting point of this workshop is focused on the development of a shared understanding of what a business model actually is. It’s really important to start from the same point and talk about the same thing. The challenge is that the concept must be simple, relevant, and intuitively understandable, while not oversimplifying the complexities of how enterprises function. Without such a shared language it is difficult to systematically challenge assumptions about one’s business model and innovate successfully.

We believe a business model can be best described through blocks that show the logic of how a company, a department or an individual intends to create value. The blocks of the Wise Cluster Canvas cover the main areas of a business (download here):

Wise Cluster Canvas

Objective of this workshop

Learn, describe and manipulate business models to create strategic innovations or solutions for your organisation.


Improve your business model: describe, analyze, innovate and communicate

Look at whether there are new ways to better organize and execute the business

Develop and create new ideas in your department or in your team

Find solutions to your problems

Team building : work with new insights and create concrete results

Share a common vision of your company business model

Communication and storytelling

Process Improvement

Strip away everything that’s not core to the profitable part of your business

Use powerful, simple, tested tools for understanding, designing, re-working, and implementing business models.

Look at your business from the outside

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