Our Digital Business Development Services

Wise Cluster puts high premium in providing sales and digital business development services (DBDS) that empower enterprises sales, reputation and online search engine visibility. With our line of experts in sales, search engine optimization and content marketing, we provide top-of-the-line sales & web services for enterprises wishing to develop their on-line market.

1 – How does it work?

Our business development services are solutions designed to equip niche enterprises with the necessary tools and human resources to be able to better manage their on-line sales development projects. Upon request we can manage some or all the parts of this process:

  1. Content Marketing Strategy Definition
    • Understanding your business and sector
    • Search engine keyword analysis
    • Trends analysis
    • Competition analysis
    • Monitoring
  2. Ghost Writing
    • Defining your editorial DNA
    • SEO friendly copy writing (articles, news, business cases, interview, e-books…)
  3. Digital Networking
    • E-mailing
    • Personal Branding
    • Community Management
    • Social Media communication
    • Blogging
    • SEA
  4. Sales Management
    • Monitoring & Adjusting
    • Website & CRM management
    • Lead Management (requests, e-mails, phone calls, meetings…)
    • Quotation
    • Closing the deal and the contract
    • Briefing with your sales team for the execution
  5. Execution => From now on you take it over.

We empower small to medium-sized enterprises to grow and improve its on-line sales, reputation and search engine visibility. We generate more traffic on your website and we can manage your leads for better conversion.

We offer a specialized array of digital business development services such as sales force lead management, digital strategy, Search Engine Optimization & Advertising, niche market visibility, personal branding and content marketing.

2 – Here are the services we can offer you:

  1. Digital strategy consulting: We can give you valuable and actionable insights on SEO and Content Marketing best practices and how best to address possible roadblocks along the way.
  2. Ghost Writing or Copywriting: You know your business better than anyone we transform this knowledge into great content to generate traffic on your website, develop your reputation and attract new customers.
  3. Digital Networking: This service includes providing you with strategic social media network, business information, market analyses and partnerships. We will also discuss with you opportunities to showcase and market your products and services in the international arena. You will receive tips on social media networking with locally established blogs and companies. With this, you will have a solid community and potential customer base that you can rely on.
  4. Sales force team: Our sales team can also manage your leads, answer the phone, meet real client’s needs, and make quotes to ensure you get a ready to buy client or prospect. We work with integrated web based CRM (Cutomer Relationship Managagement) tools that can help you determine with confidence which paths will lead to significant increases in your sales performance.

With our extensive experience in providing BDS services to Belgian organizations, you can have confidence that you are receiving proven advice on handling and execute your digital sales or reputation strategy.